Monday, September 6, 2010

Island Tropical

Aloha poets,
     Island tropical colors inspire todays poem. Enjoy!

Angel Range

No notable drawbacks of unglamorous riches
Take stock in activity where religion glitches
Bond is your health, little contract from birth
Smart money still dreams it'll find you first

Politics a reminder for the need for cash
Hedge funds reduce and recycle a crash
The investing elite may soar unflappable
The rest of us feast on meals untrappable

Recessions may run in stereotyping ways
Confessions won't fun about end of days
Eligible deductions depreciate with time
Watch angels and eagles turn on a dime

Investors gird in our three percent world
Where treasury offers to sugar the hurled
Imprudence offers to buy all and then sell
As speculative minds enter their own hell

Travel and tolerance and technology stays
In a world of dividends that cuts both ways
Teachers and training at times seem strange
Your personality finds its own angel range

copyright 9.6.10
patrick d.adams 
all right reserved

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