Friday, September 3, 2010

Tropical Architecture

Aloha poets,
     Blues and greens of tropical design inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Alliance of Outsiders

One word has a way of planting a seed
As if an apple talks to tell of its need
Two words enchant in ways indelible
To push aside concerns of collegial eligible

Three words find ways to gnaw and pretend
Advertising accepts you even at archipelago bend
Four words can dance you right off the page
Whether blacksmiths or aerosmith be the sage

Five words lets you enter a place called the ledge
Maybe too scary, better back off the edge
Yes, love lets you dance in many fine ways
To find you waiting where society frays

Childhood screams from a darkness of the past
Protection seems as if for only a moment to last
All you are is a symphony in more ways than one
Looking over shoulders to find shiny sun

Recovery won't falter if you only let it run
Yes, the business of beauty never needs a gun
Employment and entertainment call from within
Waiting for clearer signs with vodka and gin

Funny how food can find its own fashion
Even as hurricanes do their loud crashing
Golf balls wait inside their own health bucket
As hurricane Earl heads for Nantucket

Music and learning are where kids find sport
Motivation can be a movie or media report
Can it be the great outdoors is really going extinct?
Only if corporate says so, with a nod and a wink

Leadership finds you in the strangest of ways
Or maybe never, if lindsay lohan fills your days
Mobile and motorola extend a microsoft touch
To offer an alliance of outsiders our own little hutch

copyright 9.3.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved


  1. Alright you got to incorporate Nantucket in there without turning into a limerick. Woo hoo!! Nice poem as usual, but then I can always count on that when I come here.

  2. aloha YaGirlNextDoor--thank you!