Thursday, September 16, 2010

Luxury Flowers

Aloha poets,
     Simple space offers luxury appeal to these flowers, inspires today. Enjoy!

Raintree Trainee with Vision Wisdom

Going green becomes its own tangible tango
Pine trees, mountain coastline, papayas, mango
But what about corporate culture and leaders there
With stockholders and profitability do they care?

As friendly boards and labor rules apply
The right to manage makes CEO the guy
Running for office though is a little different ilk
Being a former cop, city organizer helps get the milk

Respect showed becomes respect earned
Managers with working visions on the job learned
Tall trees may grow by themselves with clean air
Leadership in government likewise needs care

Multiple constituencies to serve and delight
More than an android for good morning, good night
Few shared interests and rarely shared goods
Eco-friendly approach may get you out of the woods

Councils out there have another set of constituencies
Totem poles digital, a pecking order that sees
Bureaucracies may entrench and bunker in close
Systems move slow yet you can still win by a nose

Tall trees in the forest have bought into their vision
Formed the alliance with critters blue sky in one mission
With birds and squirrels put in their right places
Vision wisdom is the winner in such a tight races

copyright 9.16.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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