Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jungle Design

Aloha poets,
     Jungle design inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Shirttail Ritual

Is it a matter of rights to let rivals have a chance?
Competition so American in invitation to a dance
To google with your eyes still you take great pains
With new shiny chrome the new engine with gains

To call so cold is truly the business way
A fall so bold was on an apple peel you say
Is the word short for intelligence really intel?
Are those pixels what make pixar run so well

And what about that little house of adobe
In systems of acceptance like we found Koby
Does intuit really say it really means intuition
Are profits a legal right or just fruition

Sneaky little feeling finds something in sneakers
Are lawyers involved or only scientists with beakers
At the department of trust is justice all there is?
Or does fairness just boil down to some little quiz

When it come to human there's no stop for speculation
To imagine with another becomes our new nation
And china so polished with its own set of silver
Rusty trust slips as it hands over a new sliver 

Looks as if some yahoo stays out on the prairie
Gentleman, genentech, gentile--what the heck, marry 
Communication here is really the softer key
For mothers who name their baby microsoft, ibm or iac

Subjects at hand have their own way to splatter
According to people familiar with the matter
The limits of competition seem to fall with lawyer hand
How much to pay for music from that cool little band

And wait right there I'm not really done yet
Clean hands washed with soap may still be wet
Celebrity coders only want their magic to work
Algorithm of greed? A human boardroom quirk

copyright 9.17.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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