Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tropical Design

Aloha poets,
     Iconic tropical patterns form a design that inspires. Enjoy!

Community Immunity

To invest in the distressed is to pay for its debt
Friends may gather to ask "Are we there yet?"
New words emerge like clinically bankrupt
And bakery fakery is about to erupt

All kidding aside, this thing's out of hand
Business as usual needs a new gland
Jobs in extinction signal the party is over
Corporate choice now rolling the clover

Does making profit really have legal relevance?
Or is it a human right to offer a preference
Uniformity of practice goes out of uniform
Adds up to zero yet still makes up the norm

To reward seniority is the system at hand
Ad hoc run amok then crosses the land
In differing exposure uniformity to disallow
Skipped off to school once, car pool now

To rehabilitate operators is part of the mend
And capital structures with money to send
Don't forget jobs and to treat creditors fair
Bankruptcy could offer a cold hard stare

Now back to business and the subject at hand
Communities changing so much across the land?
Prejudiced hypotheses have had a strong say
As hidebound systems payed out the wrong way

To sit in an office remote to the penny
And address far reaching concerns of the many
Bureaucratic algorithms, medicine by committee
Next up to bat could be extinction of city

copyright 9.9.10
patrick d,adams
all rights reserved

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