Saturday, September 11, 2010

Palm Morning Rainbow

Aloha poets,
     Morning rainbow through palm tree inspires today.  Enjoy!

Chaotic Chariot

Drilling down so soft with our hydraulic touch
While children play outside their classroom hutch
Where safe water and natural gas for millennia rock
Cracks in disclosure a commercially sensitive lock

As technology goes so goes the outdated
Discrimination flows with the clunky abated
In comes a new green exercise for the free
Unveils umbrellas of environmental energy

Now layers of bureaucracy once beset peel away
Aids growth by more sales higher margin better pay
Learning all this along with delivery and installation
Marketing skills flaunt even mosque profit to a nation

Making a profit with a prophet is so American
Just say no until the world offers all it can
Play kick the can with viral videos to feed the need
Pockets a prophet I mean a profit watch screens bleed

A lot is riding on this little launch
Writing on the web seems to give a hefty paunch
What about market trends, unemployment and the like?
Seems it's true zombies do really speak into a mic

Are we really headed into a wireless world?
Housing technology and the commercially twirled
For us only to pinch, swipe, flip, and zoom
With our little wireless there across the room

A small business for you in hopes it catches on
Networks to allow all to sing their song
Disclose a distribution deal then move along
Expand a presence, emerge a market since Pong

Is this operating system the new next thing?
As we signal our intention with flair and bling
Acquisitions to propel growth like verizon or marriot
From local to global riding our own chaotic chariot

copyright 9.11.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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