Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kitten Clouds

Aloha poets,
     Colorful morning tropical clouds inspire today.
Can you see a kitten? Enjoy!

Wild House White Horse

Technology feeds us to determine our location
Echo responders bounce out their new declaration
Conservation of the rough becomes a heady game
Potted plants of logic placed sunny calls your name

Clueless in a way has its very nice features
Tough amid the edges commends and preaches
And the rudderless club can be a very fun ride
Business as usual jumps down an arrogant slide

Ideas actually do cross natural borders
Runs their own blogs as the brain's natural hoarders
Expectation of the next is where moderates live
Culture finds a way to simply live up to give

The future may occur in words utterly devalued
While comedy of it all saddles endings so hallowed
Are the majority of masses really the great suffering?
Can earth still offer its own natural buffering

And what about continents, their communication and such
Small cogs still run as large organization mucks
Is anyone out there above the atmosphere of fuzz?
Those awards to yourself now remain what once was

Did bp win or is this classroom still being held
Do analysts take great pains to conceal what once was yelled?
Diversity may stay and simply find fear
While the rest assemble reasonable to get out of there

Discrimination lies between the creative and a package
Absent action promises to change that back stage
Digital remains powered by the disparity of space
Official duty aligns to get the heck out of this place

In blatant disregard a public trust is disregarded
Tells to be ready before public sectors get carded
Thanks for the tech it truly lets us have our say
Yet we are a think tank as we rise into the fray

Intellectual property may have value that climbs
Manufacturing in digital still turns on their dimes
And  so we arrive here commensurate with rancor
Stabilized appropriate outlay, message disciple's answer

copyright 9.18.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved


  1. You do a great job of turning pop culture and current events into something more comprehensive. When you add rhythm and rhyme to it, amkes much more sense.

  2. aloha Karen,
    thank you for your very cool comment!