Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rainbow Bird

Aloha poets,
     Can you see the bird fly through this rainbow? Inspires today. Enjoy!

Exorcist Forest

Memorial symbols is their own way
Of giving new life for those who pray
Quiet time and reflection in another way
The simpler the better that's what they say

Advice columns may come and go
Finally family's what left to show
Acceptance cachet works well
As if peace rings a quiet bell

Protest in groups, get a thrill
Some folks enjoy noisy shrill
Me, I like the cool of night air
A smell of tall pines somewhere

Culture has a bias in survival mode
Says "Come try us," in from the cold
Children carry competence only so far
Symbols of success remain their own star

Celebrity status carries its own weighty load
Creates a new symbol for a worship mode
Redemption lovers come a dime a dozen
Exploration digging its own denizen

Set your china with its finest plate
Tectonic or otherwise seals a fate
Culture remains to pretend the like
Most of the folk simply ride their bike

Belligerent candor simple fiction at best
Career and consumer takes a new test
Is sexless marriage really on the rise?
And is paraphilia just for the guys

Provocation plans next new thing
Pundits with journals wear the bling
Ruination as a memorial makes its rise
Ruined nation blame it on the other guys

Stick your nose in a book and call it religion
Be a pirate off the blue coast of your own region
Now you've got me going these lines are getting longer
In stillness the exorcist forest only grows taller and stronger

copyright 9.14.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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