Friday, September 10, 2010

Rainforest Jungle

Aloha poets,
     Cool blue water and warm rainforest greens inspire today. Enjoy!

Demagoguery Rogue

National team those workers and corporate
Pick up swords swinging just then to go for it
Becomes disengaged in such smooth transition
Education and training should be a true mission

Ok then here we go again trying to see the light
Animation of acceptance in its brand new fight
Get married, believe you can run a household
When most of your finances are in a mouse hold

What about pouring concrete or driving a bus
Does the greed and the reckless make a big fuss?
Let's all hold hands to try to explode a new myth
Throw in our genes and some eco to go with

Pressure fuels as massive wealth tries to push down
As competitiveness turns out the lights, leaves town
Does anyone really lose interest in the circle of life?
To join a crime, marry less, or just grab a knife?

A downshift to cohabitation seems so easy
In a harsh soil discovery remains queasy
Angry speech stays simple, emotion based
To expect more and get fear, leaves a bad taste

Simply change partners, is that the world's way
Drag a confused child around like some stray?
And speaking direct to the socially disengaged
As if anger and fear are supposed to be staged

How much time is anyone supposed to get?
In a culture of consumers still not ready yet
Independents stand in the wings, shake their head
As working class goes extinct, if not already dead

Covert affairs now find their way into the mix
Even as the middle class stands up to get a fix
Diversity still resonates along with diet and droid
We need only angry speakers to fill the void?

Is there really any deep justice between the classes
Can education and entertainment deluge the clashes
Maybe it's that simple, to minimize leisure plantation
Rogue demagoguery, and it tries to run a nation

copyright 9.10.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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