Thursday, August 5, 2010

Battleship Surfing

aloha poets,
                     Surfing in waves as battleship goes out inspires today's poetry.
Enjoy play on!

Hunky Doors

Go your own way, feed your heart
Surround sound, plasma tv play the part
Blue ray video adds to the succinct
Washing machines, lawn mowers go extinct

Suddenness of creature evolves and grows
Quintessential minutes into the throes
Furniture, apparel, and time all shrink
History smiles, then gives a blink

Gadgets morph, you relax at home
Long distance travel?.. a new poem
Design your home to satisfy your head
Move a little quicker inside your bed

"Can you please run and get for me?"
Also goes the way of western teepee
Corrections, amplifications rise to fall
Inside hunky doors, you make the call

copyright 8.5.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved


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