Saturday, August 28, 2010

Purple Rain Tropical

Aloha poets,
     Purple textured background depicts waterfall as purple. Enjoy!

Clouds in Focus

Fools yourself to think you're in to be a titan of tech
Got negotiation?...or, is this program a total wreck
Face the growth pressure even now you rev it up
Make cloud computing a new friendly little pup

Culture of comedy data center out in the sticks
Cuts across your best china a specialized shtick
Get your access on the net and make a network
Even celtics of old had a product portfolio quirk

Children play in cultures of business model schemes
To manage a personal computer in clouds and dreams
Beauty lies in the one stop technology shop of survival
Duty cries as you outsource your data center to arrival

Competence sparks a new day and for bells now to ring
Component assembly becomes the new fight to bring
Corruption may enter with its small storage and fees
"Sorry, taken" they say but what about the trees?

Strategy undisrupted now so cool and unique
We love our time even though it feels antique
Commercial wants to emerge and to dominate
Even as testosterone and oxytocin find the gate

Disclosure can, maybe will be a thing of the past
Exercise the option to cloud compute, here at last
Discrimination shares its fences with all far fetched
Differences lie shift shaking on beaches sands etched

Ok now here is the deal as if you haven't already asked
Let your hair down, not scuttle deals you earnestly tasked
Landscapes change in symptomatic of how they are masked
A new sunny season brings cloud computing in which to bask

copyright 8,27.10
patrick d. adams
all right reserved


  1. Wow you have a way with words. I love this poem. Please keep writing. Great job.

  2. aloha YaGirlNextDoor-thank you!