Friday, August 6, 2010

Tropical Flower

aloha poets,
                      Tropical flower inspires today's poetry. Enjoy play on!

Day108: A Very Nice Date

And so its been a very rough ride
Gloom and inspiration came from inside
They had their way as our hearts stood still
All the while the world's worst accidental oil spill

So it goes now so they say
Doom's perspiration up along the way
To kill a well one mile deep, not much known
To kill our hearts, trusted keep, oil well out blown

From 20 April to 06 Aug.
Hazy blooms inside a dizzy fog
Where epic poems rise in tides to fall
Burning and skimming tried to answer the call

Victory celebrations
Find a cake with decorations
Drilling mud and cement casing
Define the world we now all are facing

So we go
Learn to walk slow
Greatness, you can't hurry
Fate rests, still life forms scurry

copyright 8.6.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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