Monday, August 2, 2010

Cloud Swimming Crowd

aloha poets,
                     Swimming, playing tag in a crowd under a cloud inspires poetry.
Enjoy play on!

Water Tag Cloud

A very complex ecosystem computing in a cloud
AndroidX in Arizona gets speaking out loud
A basket of apples advertising quite well
Alternative energy still rings that old bell

I tell you once the Amazon we can save
Swimming in gulf oil deserves no rave
Atlanta Falcons sound a little flip
Afghanistan is, a very bad trip

What does it matter what I say?
Feeling lucky, we'll be on our way
Guy named Amar, is he the android?
What sent happy Arizona into the void

Advertise a Falcon you feed apple seed
Amazing Amazon, wait it's amzn I need
Ok got it now, feeling luckier with this thing
Ridin' high on the engine, bring babes and bling

copyright 8.02.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved