Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fuzzy Garden Orb

Aloha poets,
     Garden orb mimics a fuzzy sprout and inspires poetry. Enjoy!

Producers Roosters and Roasters

Will they ever sell it off before the harvest is in?
So raw and unedited in its silence of spin
Waits and watches as the worry rises
Prices go up in no more surprises

Such arduous edit undergoes
In flames of a harvest throes
Availability makes a stance
Coffee harvest to enhance

A bumper crop it's so big
Another verse take a swig
Pattern poetic or data series
Futures sell on future queries

Harvest the lower price pressure
Producers, traders, the best guessers
Strategy cost to produce in transit squirm
Spot price set firm for its delivery near term

Durable goods, now that is talking about roasters
Farms and farmer's agriculture, well that is roosters
To write poetry with coffe absorbs rising cost's hands
Delivery to take, or so to make, it's supply and demands

copyright 8.26.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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