Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shadow Water Rabbit

Aloha poets,
    Eco green shadows and water rabbit inspires today's
poetry. Enjoy, play on!

The Edge

So confirmed in their feelings of beauty mistrust
They cancel and conceal them all back to dust
Whether a tumbling stock or a tumbling dice
Beauty still thrills more than once or twice

Teach the world something, start debate
Asexual beauty in cultures reverberate
Accept assurance as meritless blame
I keep my edge, you file the claim

How fit must we be to save also serve
How much beauty is there we deserve
A mosh pit or a mosque in the making
How many years before its all shaking

Time marches on with "us and them"
Beautiful woman to be your friend
Exit package a ground zero fate
Keep your edge not the hate

New York City's the most
Toasted along the coast
No need for a sledge
Just carry a pledge
Drop the wedge
Jump to keep
Your edge

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