Thursday, August 19, 2010

Waterfall Palm

Aloha poets,
     Night photo of indoor waterfall palm inspires
today's poem.  Enjoy!


Is beauty just "there"or does it have something to"do?"
In modern times any and all can be classified as"zoo"
Tip your hat to those things you don't understand
Buy a new car, now just get it stuck in the sand

Dubious shelter those things we call respect
Grab a quick and easy, fall hard, fast to neglect
Satisfy pride with your own weakness and strength
The function of value is to present its beauty at a length

Shouldn't we all just fall into cost effective syndrome?
Have our diamonds while we just wander to roam?
Magisterial treatments are something of a merit
Beauty grabs your value hard just to scare it

True to form we all try to finesse and cooperate
To think in terms of going dancing, it's not too late
Powerful union the things we call function, value, duty
In realms of rigor they rise together to present as "beauty"

copyright 8.20.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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