Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Green Sailing Blue Ocean

Aloha poets,
      Green sails on a breezy blue ocean inspires today.
Enjoy and play on!

Duty Never Dies
Glossy surfaces obscure what lies beneath
Conga lines of dancers, so hard to breath
Corporate ladders occupy the corner suite
Macabre sabers shout up from your feet

Pencils dance, they call you "the coffee geek"
Luminance humanized shows up every week
Emotions creep along floorboards, the wall
Conscription stands wooden, you get the call 

Small cruelties are vacant and can be glum
Faces pale with care, stepping onto the gum
Enchantment's heart feels to scrambles a jet
Duty can only wonder, "Am I there yet?"

Foolish medicine plunges into contention
Techno arrives in the service of detention
Freedom lies in chosen ways of life's miles
Jilted ones are still cruelly asked for smiles

As earth circles its uncertain gravity drain
Remember to tell a story, tell of the rain
A signature look is a strange intrusion
Yet duty never dies, it only tries 
for a conclusion

copyright 8.11.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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