Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dream Sparkle

Aloha poets,
     Sparkle off ocean wave, impressionist photo give a dream
feel, inspires today's poetics. Enjoy!

Proxy Card Player

Come in close to access what you want at will
Gain what you like with a proxy access kill
Corporate extinction or dereliction of duty
Intellectual nude a new thing of beauty

The mainstream is the place for new navigator
That distant shoreline, the new invigorator
Romantic the board in all things proxy
Go frantic not bored, bring the moxy

What the hell you may ask is this all leading to
A few more feet and we drop the other shoe
Updates evolve even for the doctrinaire
Originalism stalls only to clear the air

A fast ride offers its usual pressure points
To address the issues as it cruises juke joints
A meaning more perfect is buried in the sands
To find it there in text requires holding hands

Travel with tolerance, it means to acquiesce
How to avoid the contested is anybody's guess
Teachers and training let you play the proxy card
Give the people their choice, be a cool political bard

Social media arrives without the principle of prudence
Small business survives about as much as a clue dunce
Ambiguity of passages may be words to draw swords
Though try as you might to find resolution in words

Is our only real choice to rely on the probable?
The definitive floats as if apples unbobbable
Add a little action to your arsenal of threats
Play your proxy card, call off all the bets

copyright 8.29.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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