Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tropical Pattern Poetics

Aloha poets,
     Poetic tropical patterns inspire today. Enjoy!

Data Muscle Flex Blues

Data, muscle your way into the fore
To allow entrance or lock the door
Then daily anew makes a show
Get up, see it thru, or just go

Tells us all of the lonely few
Who possess at least one clue
To pass along to the next gate 
Move on up only then relegate

Step aside sit out all the excess
Modest gains its own success
Ready flushes out new deal
Steady gushes fates to seal

New results questions raise
A nimble striker always pays
Grab your edge in democracy
Slow-it-down with bureaucracy

Congress climbs as parent stalls
Local keeps its eye on the ball
Testosterone makes new call
Oxytocin takes its new fall

Adolescence hold a key
To up a down society
Global strikes a deal
Individual's reality

Squeeze it out
Make it stout
Take route
Data out

copyright 8.18.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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