Monday, August 30, 2010

Palm Tree Boaters

Aloha poets,
     Coastal boaters behind a palm tree inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Beauty Machine

Make yourself over, new electronic device
Control your environment in image so nice
Digital cosmetic, mirror music to your eyes
Save the package reduce a retailer's demise

Take your look to the console, ask "what if"
Cosmetic aisles avoid customer privacy rift
Technology startup help you start your day
Virtual mirror presented the new you today

Hesitate for a moment to see how you look
Scan a bar code without opening that book
Screens remind you of that beauty you test
Print out your images, so close to your vest

Cosmetic stores once ritzy specialist venues
Experiment yourself the products you chose
Drawer full of wrong makeup about the past
Virtual mirror says what if,  new look's a gas

Authentically appears on the bright sided face
Reduce opening package, win the recycle race
Internal camera takes your photo on the screen
Virtual kiosks are in, our latest beauty machine

copyright 8.30 10
all rights reserved

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