Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dripping Tropical Garden

Aloha poets,
     Water drips on rainbow colors of this tropical garden
to inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

A Trial Balloon
                "...ode to The Last Shipwreck"

And so we enter into the financial dark
Outside only steel, cement, and welder spark
Ownership can carry its own side effect
Survival in the air sees the last shipwreck

Winners and losers may be a dime a dozen
As financial markets house their own denizen
To ban the show in fear of political unrest
Requires a trial balloon, the pundit's test

Capital releases slow for endeavor productive
To own, but not occupy can be seductive
Is speculation such a bad incurable disease?
Don't forget to say thanks, after a please

Does slow growth really offer low value?
To get a job should somebody just call you?
And what about possible political unrest
Personal trial balloon, conduct your own test

Back at the ranch we've still got one problem
Vacant housing stock, corporate hogs them
And what about that clean water and air
Financial darkness v survival, do they care?

Erect it from scratch to stand empty anew
Multiple units can be a value to a few
Market now, a day of reckoning may come
Send your trial balloon up, rise with the sun

copyright 8.22.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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