Sunday, August 8, 2010

Patterns of Hospitality

aloha poets,
                      Hospitality's tropical pattern inspires poetry.
Enjoy and play on!

Data Fuels the Desire

          " ode to the Outsiders in the Din"

Electron communication's brave new site
Privacy of the individual puts up its fight
Who is it really you didn't want to be let in?
Corporate, government, outsiders in the din?

Face it now, we want a new cave to explore
Facebook is a portal that could do the chore
Clicks bring in a distant mother in disguise
Children of the Web, under watchful eyes

Seclusion Island is a place with no fees
Surreptitious the collector data its trees
Personalization offers up another key
For a mass extinction of our privacy

Customized the way you fancy it be
To justify the fray only stratifies society
Is loss of self reliance something to divulge?
Was "free will" the thing replaced by this bulge?

Yes it is we all want a chance to participate
Be invited to the conversation, not to be late
Create a little culture be your media producer
Tighten up the game wear your privacy looser

Well here it goes looks like I did it again
Gets out of hand and starts to blow in the wind
Without awareness' approval privacy loss swells stronger
Even now as I divulge more here, it grows longer and longer...

copyright 8.8.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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